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November 10th Oral Care Workshop

As we age and our health regiments become more complex, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain whatever oral health habits we have developed over the course of our lives, but it’s as important as ever–even for people without any remaining natural teeth.

Ten Attendees at Our November 10th Event

We facilitated an Oral Care Workshop on November 10th 2018 to encourage and cultivate a more resilient community who will be less susceptible to many of the common, preventable oral health ailments that challenge our clients, their families and the caregivers who tend to them.

Challenges like thrush, denture-induced stomatitis, tooth decay and loss, root decay, discoloration, dry mouth, bad breath and uneven jawbone can be mitigated or prevented with some simple habits that the elderly (and other vulnerable demographics) and their support communities can encourage. Our goals are for less worrisome, less stressful, happier, more fulfilling and potentially longer lives for all of us.

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