An Important Message on Our Response to the COVID-19 Crisis.
Gloria G.

Gloria G.

The caregiver, Anjanie Singh, was a blessing to our family. Although my sister was only home for a brief time, Anjanie (we called her Angie) was more than we could hope for in our search for a suitable home caregiver during my sister’s last days. Angie showed her true self when taking on this challenge as the help that my sister needed was no easy task for anyone.

My sister had been suffering from lung cancer which metastasized to her brain well over 4 years ago. She had been on steroids for most of the time in addition to many other medications. Considering my sister had been a long-term survivor and including the depth of her illness, she was overweight and extremely limited due to lack of mobility to no fault of her own. By the time Angie came into our lives, my sister already was unable to feed herself. She was also unable to walk, stand and could barely move her arms long enough to answer a phone. Angie walked into a situation that was not only physically challenging but emotionally challenging.

We were so appreciative that it was Angie who stepped into Cathy’s apartment to be with her in her last days. Angie stayed with my sister, took very good care of her physically, and we know had all the best intentions for her at her time of death. She maintained a positive, personable and loving attitude all the while she spent acting as a live-in aide. I personally would recommend this woman over and over and over again as there are very few people in this world who you can actually trust, nevertheless be able to completely and selflessly give their heart to a total stranger. I feel Angie was this person.

Please accept our extreme gratitude for this beautiful woman as she was a gift to my family and an angel to my sister.  We are forever grateful. Thank you so much.