An Important Message on Our Response to the COVID-19 Crisis.

The Weisinger Family

On the occasion of our father-in-law’s shloshim today, Shmuel Dovid Ben Yechezkel z”l, we take time to reflect on his long life as well as the months leading to his petira. We would like to thank you for your part in making his journey to olam haba as peaceful as it could have been. Your immediate response when we called for help was to jump in and do whatever you could to assist us and it was so very much appreciated. We had challenges with other agencies and my father-in-law was miserable. From day one when Americare stepped in, the quality of care increased exponentially and his mood changed. Every aide we had was caring, skilled, compassionate and respectful. We would especially like to thank you for sending us Grace, the aide who was with him at the end. She cared for him so beautifully and with incredible dignity, cleaned him, made him comfortable to his last breath, as he passed peacefully at home as per his wishes. We are so blessed to have had these angels caring for him in his last moments.