Americare a Sponsor at Annual ESAAL Trade Show

Americare was proud to sponsor the annual Empire State Association of Assisted Living (ESAAL) Trade Show, joining healthcare workers, providers, vendors, and experts to discuss the ever-evolving assisted living care industry.

We were happy to meet the many individuals in the greater New York area who are working to make assisted living healthcare as efficient and supportive as possible to meet the unique needs of individual patients.

Over the course of four days, attendees were able to hear a series of panels on the most pressing topics affecting both providers and patients alike.

ESAAL believes the assisted living philosophy is grounded in promoting quality of life and the ability of each resident to make their own choices, while prioritizing health and safety.

Panel highlights for the Americare team included: Equity, Inclusion, Diversity: A Blueprint to Economic Growth, Workforce Development, Organizational Sustainability; Best Practice Outpatient Therapy Principles; The Future is Now: A Showcase of Technology in Assisted Living; and more.

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate and attend!