Expert nursing care, right at home

We bring personalized, round-the-clock care to your doorstep — for your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

An Americare nurse in a blue shirt sitting next to an older woman and explaining the reports.

Always by your side

Having a loved one with complex health needs can leave you
feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. But you don’t have to
navigate this journey alone — our compassionate nurses are
here to put you at ease. With exceptional warmth, expertise, and
24/7 availability, you’ll be confident you’re getting the best care
for your loved one.

How we help

Our nurses are highly trained in providing expert medical care in the familiar surroundings of
your own home. Some services your home nurse will provide are:

  • Health monitoring
  • Medication management
  • Wound care
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Care coordination

Your loved one will be under a nurse’s watchful eye as they record vital signs, watch for any changes in health, and look out for potential complications. This ensures that your loved one is always getting the best care possible.

Your nurse will ensure medications are administered correctly and on time. This is especially beneficial for patients on multiple medications or with a complex medication schedule.

Your nurse will clean and dress wounds to help prevent infection and support healing. They will also teach you how to care for a wound when they’re not around, giving you the confidence and knowledge to assist in your loved one’s recovery.

It’s normal to feel anxiety over your loved one’s health, but getting educated will help you feel empowered. Your nurse will explain your loved one’s condition, show you how to provide care, and point out changes you should look out for. This helps you understand what’s happening, what to expect, and how to respond effectively.

Your nurse will ensure that all professionals involved in your loved one’s care are kept up-to-date on their condition and treatment. This ensures your loved one receives consistent, well-coordinated care.

Why choose Americare?

You want only the best for your loved one. With Americare, you can breathe easy knowing you’ve chosen a home health agency that’s been recognized for:

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Unmatched excellence

We are consistently rated one of the top providers by CMS, a government body which rates home healthcare agencies.

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Extensive experience

With over 40 years of dedicated service, we have honed our approach and developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of our patients.

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Individualized approach

We’ve grown over the years, but we’ve never lost our human touch. We give each patient the personal attention and customized care they deserve.

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Cultural diversity

Our culturally diverse team allows us to serve a broad range of communities effectively, offering personalized care in a manner that is culturally sensitive and fluent in the patient's language.

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Swift turnaround time

You don’t want to be kept waiting when it comes to your health. We ensure a home health nurse is assigned to you within 24 hours of your initial call.

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Having a loved one with complex health needs can leave you feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. But you don’t have to navigate this journey alone — our compassionate nurses are here to put you at ease. With exceptional warmth, expertise, and 24/7 availability, you’ll be confident you’re getting the best care for your loved one.

Why our patients love Americare

As my mother's primary caregiver, I struggled to juggle her needs after her debilitating stroke with my full-time job and young kids at home. Having Americare's compassionate nurses provide skilled care allowed mom to regain her strength and start caring for herself again. I'm so grateful for their expertise and warmth.

S. Thompson

My father cherished his independence, so when he needed more assistance in his 90s, he was reluctant to accept help. But Americare's home health aides quickly put him at ease with their friendly manner and patience. They not only kept him safe, but also brought joy to his days with art projects and puzzles. Dad looked forward to their visits.

James W.

Recovering from major surgery as a single woman with no family nearby was daunting. But Americare's skilled nurses helped with my medications, changed bandages, and assisted me with getting to the bathroom. Their thoughtful care gave me the support I required to get back on my feet again. I'll never forget their kindness.


My wife's early onset dementia turned our golden years upside down. As her memory rapidly declined, she became frightened and agitated. Americare's specially trained staff took the time to get to know her likes and dislikes. Their gentle approach kept her calm and comforted during a difficult time. I'm forever grateful for their compassion.

M. Davis

Losing my young brother to cancer was devastating. When hospice care was recommended, Americare's nurses and aides became part of our family. They kept him comfortable and let him pass peacefully at home, surrounded by loved ones and his belongings. I can't imagine going through it without their empathetic support.

Stephanie L.

As my wife's primary caregiver, I was burning out between medical appointments and household duties. Having an Americare aide stop by regularly gave me a necessary break so I could recharge. She kept my wife entertained while I ran errands or took a nap. Their service was a life-saver for both of us.

M. Chen

At 90 years old, I cherished my independence but needed some help at home after being hospitalized. My children had busy families and I didn't want to burden them. Americare's kind nurses helped me with my medications, meal prep and light housework allowing me to recover while giving my family peace of mind. I'm so thankful for their assistance.


Keeping up with the daily care needs of my wheelchair bound father at home became exhausting for our family. Americare's home health aides gave him the expert care he required while giving us an opportunity to recharge. We're so appreciative that we could keep Dad comfortable at home thanks to their amazing support.

N. Rodrigez

As a busy single mom, I had no way to care for my elderly mother after her bad fall. With Americare's skilled nurses stopping by, I knew mom would get the attentive care she deserved in spite of my hectic schedule. I'm extremely grateful they were there for her when I couldn't be.

Lisa Brown

After major surgery, my social butterfly wife felt isolated and alone at home. But Americare's thoughtful home health aides kept her company playing cards, doing crafts and enjoying friendly conversation. They helped her feel safe and secure during recovery. My wife looked forward to their uplifting visits.

D. Lee
An expert nurse from Americare taking care of an old lady.

Expert care where you feel most comfortable