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Recognizing Employee Excellence – Charles Pantina

NOTE: This is the first in what will be a regular feature highlighting Americare employees who exemplify our core beliefs of providing highest-quality care and putting patients first. 

Nurses enter the profession because they’re passionate about caring for others. Americare receives many letters, emails, and phone calls about the outstanding care Charles Pantina provides for patients.

Charles routinely goes out of his way to go the extra mile; he is always the first to volunteer and offer a helping hand.

He stops by to check up on patients, hours after his regular shift without hesitation and regardless of where they live or what time it is.

Not long ago, we received a letter from a patient who said Charles had saved their life during an admission visit that was intended to assess their condition after a hospital discharge.

Not long after Charles arrived, the patient was walking from the bedroom to the kitchen and began to faint and collapse. Charles ran and caught the patient, carried them to the bedroom, and determined they were very hypoglycemic.

He directed the family to make sugar water quickly, while remaining at the patient’s side and assessing vital signs. Charles administered the sugar water carefully to prevent aspiration, and the patient slowly recovered – just as EMS arrived.